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Using GCC w/ AKCL

I have AKCL 1.530 running on a Sun 4/160, originally built with cc.
I recently brought up gcc and decided to try using gcc as the compiler.
I set compiler::*cc* to "gcc -msoft-float -DVOL=volatile -Bstatic -O".
Compilation of a simple defun seemed to work okay, but when I tried 
it out on a larger program, I had several problems.  First, in anonymous
compilation of forms, I got some complaints from gcc about undefined
functions, something like ___startup_registers (or some such, I don't
recall the exact message).  Then, when I actually tried to run my 
program, I got other unexpected errors which I presume are related to 
the change in compilers.

So at the moment, I'm back to using cc.  But I'd like to use gcc, if only
because it is faster, so I'd appreciate any advice.  Should I build 
AKCL from scratch using gcc?

						-- Scott Turner