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There DO seem to still be some GCC problems with AKCL, but the current
release of AKCL seems to come real close to solving most of them...
In v 1.530 I was unable to compile AKCL with GCC v1.40 on a SS2.

With v1.592, and gcc-1.40 gas-1.38 gcc-ld from bunutils-1.9, I came
REAL close, down to the last load where I blew off with the message

/usr/local/lib/gcc-ld: premature end of file in symbol segment of ../lsp/predlib.o

Various compiler options, compiling this module with cc, and trying the
previous version of gcc-ld all failed with the same message.  I was finally
able to get things to load with the gcc compile of this module by moving
gcc-ld to gcc-ld~ [ so that gcc itself would not find it ] and letting
gcc use the standard SUN ld...

I havent tested this version of AKCL [ its sitting out there along with
versions compiled with SUNOS 4.03 cc and another compiled with SUN C v1.1
but with NO optimization specified ] all waiting till I finish up a 
more pressing project so that I can test them on something more than
the simplest problems...

But, in answer to srt@aerospace.aero.org if you are interested in
using gcc, you probably want to move up to 1.592 to do your experiments.