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(set-macro-character #\] (get-macro-character #\))) doesn't work...

	Hello all,

	I'm trying to modify the readtable of lisp so that [form] will be 
read as (form) would be, but it doesn't work!!!  And I can't figure out why.
When I do the appropriate commands to set the macro character functions, 
set-macro-character returns t.  And if I do a get-macro-character, it 
comes back with the same #<compiled-function XXXXXXXX> numbers for both the 
( & [ and )&] pairs. Also, the left bracket is translated into a left parens,
but I can't say the same about the right.  Even though I do the same for both.
If I type a ')', after or in place of a ']', the reader will return.

	I'm trying to do this because the package that I'm porting to 
akcl uses [] to delimite commands, in addition to ().

	I'm using akcl 1.530 on a pmax. Thanks for any assistance,

Greg Sylvain			UUCP: 			...!{uunet}!umbc3!greg
Academic Computing Services	Internaet (arpa): 	greg@umbc3.umbc.edu
Systems Programmer		BITNET:		 	GREGS@UMBC