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AKCL 599

AKCL 599 has been released.

It contains various bug fixes for bugs reported to this list,
as well as some others.   It should also work correctly with maxima
version 154 or 155.

It should also work with any of the sun C compilers (using the flags
in sun4.defs).

The previous bug reported by me and others to this mailing list, about
AKCL not working reliably with some sparc compilers, turns out to have
been caused by a bug which has been there since the original kcl June
1987 version.   The sun compiler was not at fault.

It did not manifest itself until we started loading setf.lsp and
running that interpreted during bootstrapping, and then it only showed
up with certain sun C compilers and then only randomly.  It could and
did however show up recently in some interpreted user code, in other

Bill Schelter