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KCL on PCs

> (whether publicly available or not) to the Macintosh are to a
> Macintosh running A/UX (a Unix like operating system) rather than the
> standard Macintosh operating system?

I believe that it would be extremely difficult to port KCL to native
Mac OS. There is Allegro CL available under Mac OS, which supposedly
is an ok common lisp implementation.

>   To the best of my (RSB) current knowledge, the answers are NO WAY
>   (IBM-PC/MS-DOS), NO WAY (MAC, Standard Operating System) and MAYBE
>   (MAC A/UX). 

I believe that you are correct, except make the Mac A/UX a YES.

My port seems to be working without any problems (except for speed). I
use it to run NQTHM (including Kaufman's extensions) and RRL
(Zhang and Kapur's rewrite rule laboratory). I do not recommend the
Mac to run really large proofs; you do not want to sit through the
Goedel Events, say, on the Mac.

>   know, there is not yet a publicly available version of these, but it
>   seems possible that Weigert will make his available.

I gladly make mine available, as soon as I can find a site where one
could post the patches. 

> One possibility that might make sense is to see whether Bill Schelter
> (wfs) might incorporate the Mac port into AKCL, which includes many
> bug fixes and preformance enhancements, in addition to many ports.

I would like to see that happen. I tried to get AKCL running also, but
the system won't come up. It dies in the boot phase when it tries to
do a garbage collection, but the gc is enabled at that point. I do not
know enough about the innards of AKCL to be able to figure out what is
wrong. If Bill Schelter is willing to handhold me through the
procedure, I'll try to get AKCL going as well.

> please be so kind as to post a note to kcl@cli.com?  (kcl@cli.com is a
> mailing list of quite a few KCL users and further local KCL mailing
> lists.)

How does one access this mailing list? I would not mind to be on this

Hope this answers you questions. If you can point me to an ftp site
where it makes sense to post the patches for Mac A/UX, I would
appreciate that.

Cheers, Thomas.