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Help with akcl on a 5500

I'm trying to compile akcl version 603 on a DECSystem 5500 running ULTRIX 4.2.  

Using the gcc compiler, I got the error "Unrecoverable error: Segmentation 
violation.." when raw_kcl was run.

Using the cc compiler, I got the following result after raw_kcl was created.

cat init_kcl.lsp |  sed -e "s"DATE"Version(`cat ../majvers`.`cat ../minvers`) `d
ate`g"  -e 'ssaved_kclsaved_kclg'  -e 'slinks t)links t)(setq compiler::*cc* "cc
 -DVOL= -G 8 -I/mnt/akcl/o -temp=. ")(setq compiler::*cc* "cc -G 0 ")(load "../l
sp/setdoc.lsp")g'  -e "sAKCLDIR/mnt/akclg"  -e "s(defun lisp-imp(setq si::*akcl-
version* '`cat ../minvers`)(defun lisp-imp'g" |  ./raw_kcl ../unixport/
KCl (Kyoto Common Lisp)  June 1987  16384 pages
loading ../lsp/export.lsp
loading ../lsp/defmacro.lsp
Initializing ../lsp/evalmacros.o
Initializing ../lsp/top.o
Unexpected end of ~S.
Lisp initialization failed.
The second pass of make failed to compile the new compiler

Any recommendations you can provide about compilers (cc or gcc), the compiler 
switches, or the best akcl version for a 5500 would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Mewes			mewes@selway.umt.edu
ULTRIX System Adminstrator
University of Montana