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I have a small suggestion for Bill, and I figured I'd send it out on
the list to get input from others as well.

It seems that every time I see an example of AKCL it is of a different
version number (newer) than the one I most recently compiled.  For
example, a few weeks ago I compiled 1-603, only to find today that it
was up to 605 (at least on rascal... though in a trascript of a
session that Bill sent out he was running 606)  Anyway, it would be
nice to know when a new revision is available, even if it is minor.  I
didn't even know the jump from 505 until someone asked me a question
about 530!

Also, is it really nessary to keep versions of AKCL back to 1988 on
rascal?  Perhaps these could be either put off line or moved to a
directory off pub?  IMHO only the most recent version of AKCL should
sit in pub.

Just my $0.02 worth.


                                     Thomas Emerson
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