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Akcl load bug (with fasd data) ?


I encounter a difference in behaviour between the fasd data loader and the
'ordinary' data loader (read, I believe ?). 


	sun4, sun-os 4.1.1 , two different flavours (sparcstation2,
	sparcstation ipc) 

akcl versions : 

	1-530 and 1-603

Description :
	Given the set of source files I'm working on, there is a
	particular file that is compiled OK by Akcl, and loaded only
	if compiler::*fasd-data* is nil (otherwise an illegal
	instruction is encountered and akcl dies). The other files
	cause no trouble.  

Is version 1-603 the most up-to-date ? The tar file for it seemed to
be the more recent on rascal.ics.utexas.edu, and higher numbers (at
least alphabetically) such as 1-98 seem much older... What is the
version numbering scheme ? Which version should I pick ?

Maintainers: I keep a copy of my files in their current state, in case
it could be useful, say, for two weeks. I can send them to you on

Best regards, (and all my grateful compliments to the KCL and AKCL

	      V. Delacour