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akcl on SVR4

i just got kcl and akcl (yes, i mailed off my license form) and i'm trying
to compile it on ESIX SVR4.  i used add-defs mp386 to configure it.  i edited
mp386.defs first to not use gcc (doesn't work quite right on SVR4 yet, mostly
-g doesn't work), and got rid of -lg in the LIBS line since i don't have a 
libg.a.  anyway, i got raw_kcl built, and it starts up, prints the KCL banner,
and then core dumps with a seg fault.  the stack trace shows it in the alloc()

so, before i dive into this too deeply, has anyone figured this out already and
got kcl running on an SVR4 386 machine?  if so, please let me know how you
did it.

- jeff

Jeff Jennings                       jennings@stortek.com
Storage Technology Corp.            Iceberg - LSVL 2A
(303)673-7855                       "None knows the weight of another's burden."