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Please use kcl-request@cli.com for addition and deletion requests.

Requests for addition to or deletion from the kcl@cli.com mailing list
should be sent to kcl-request@cli.com, not to kcl@cli.com.  Messages
sent to kcl@cli.com go out automatically to all who subscribe to this
list.  That is, this list is `unmoderated'.


P. S.  Please note that many who receive messages sent to kcl@cli.com
do not have their addresses on the kcl mailing list maintained at
cli.com.  Rather, their addresses are on lists maintained at their own
site, to which kcl@cli.com mail is forwarded.  If you did not
personally ask to subscribe by sending a request to
kcl-request@cli.com, then it's a good bet that someone at your local
site is responsible for your getting messages.