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Foreign functions, subprocesses in akcl.

	I'm trying to set things up in akcl (1-605, I believe) so that
I can start a subprocess within akcl andbind the stdio and stdout to
2 lisp streams for communication with the subprocess.  Allegro common lisp
provides this functionality with run-shell-command, Lucid with (I believe)
run-command.  How do I do this in akcl?

If I can't do this directly in akcl, the next solution would be to write a
C function that does this and link this into akcl, which requires knowledge
of the akcl foreign function interface, how to pass strings back and forth
between C and akcl functions, etc.  I have looked in the akcl doc directory
and can't find any reference to how to do this.  

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  Please send replies
directly to me (kaplan@cs.uiuc.edu, uunet!uiucdcs!kaplan) as I am not on
the mailing list.  If there is any interest, I will summarize replies to
the list

thanks in advance

Simon Kaplan
Computer Science
University of Illinois