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MS DOS kcl

    Have you-all considered a port of KCL using djgpp to MS DOS?  I
    may try one later this year if no one beats me to it.

    Please email me if someone else has already done it (if so, I'd
    like a copy) or discovered that it is intractably hard ("Thanks,
    Half-pint!  You've just saved me a lot of investigative work.")

    (P.S.  My regards to the folks at CLInc.)

    Charles R. Martin/(Charlie)/martinc@cs.unc.edu/(nee crm@cs.duke.edu) 
    O/Department of Computer Science/Sitterson Hall/UNC/Chapel Hill, NC 27599
    H/3611 University Dr #9N/Durham, NC 27707/(919) 419 1754
    The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to
    grow sharper.  -- Eden Phillpot, I'm told.  Anyone have a better reference?

Oh hell -- I just paged far enough into the FAQ to find the

Never mind.