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Re: AKCL installation on DEC3100 running MACH -- help

>> > Your best bet is to get the patches for the NeXT which are available
>> > on rascal.ics.utexas.edu for AKCL 1.605. It contains an sfasl that
>> > knows about mach-o and a mach compatible unexec.
>> Thanks for your help.
>> I ftp'd over to rascal, but found no relevant files to the NeXT , mach, and getting
>> AKCL 1.605 and un-tarring it yielded no obviously helpful files.  Where would I find
>> the files I need and what would I do with them?

The patches are available as pub/NeXT-akcl-1-605.tar.Z or so.
However, that sfasl uses NeXT's rld dynamic loader functions.
I don't know if those functions are available on DEC3100.

Noritake Yonezawa <yone@vcdew25.lsi.tmg.nec.co.jp>