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C - KCL Link

A full `how to do it' manual for the KCL or AKCL connection to C would
clearly be a fine contribution to the KCL literature.  Is this not the
topic of the number one `frequently asked question' that people ask
once they get KCL or AKCL up and running?  I suspect the possibilty of
such a connection is a major reason that many people get into KCL or
AKCL in the first place.

Is there already in existence a `how to do it' manual on this topic,
and the problem is that pointers to it are not so easily found?  I get
the feeling that there is not, but I'm not sure.  I know of a short
section on this topic in the original KCL report, but I believe I have
heard that a lot more is involved for serious efficient use.  I get
the feeling that several people have gotten so deep into this topic
that they know how to do practically anything they might imagine, but
they have never written up all that they know.  Perhaps it is just too
much work, since it requires describing data formats -- how C sees
Lisp objects.  And requires describing how the GC marks and moves



P. S. Pardon me for taking the liberty to comment upon this topic even
though I have only the most superficial understanding of what is

P. P. S. Gossip -- several people (wfs@cs.utexas.edu and
bill@ora.on.ca) report having gotten KCL and or AKLC up an running
quite happily, via GCC, under MS/DOS (really).  Performance seems
quite good on 386s and 486s.  Control-c doesn't seem to work quite
right yet, killing the process.