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Files needed to be kept to run AKCL/MAXIMA properly

I have a trivial question here:

What should I keep for AKCL and MAXIMA if I don't want to have all
the source and object files occupy my disk space.  So far I know
AKCL needs saved_kcl(sure :-), doesn't seem to need any other file
when it runs; MAXIMA requires saved_maxima(again:-), but when I tried to
run MAXPLOT, it asked to have plot.o in src/.  Does it only MAXPLOT
require compiled object file?  Any other files in AKCL and MAXIMA
needd to be saved for them to run properly that I miss stating here?

Your help is appreciated,

Tom Zheng
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-- tzheng@cs.purdue.edu    Staff Programmer   CS Dept., Purdue University --