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To: Masami Hagiya
From: John Kheit & Arvind Soni of Monochrome Systems.
Subject: Requesting your approval to re-distribute your software

Dear Masami Hagiya,

           We are members of the NeXT Jersey Users Group and are
currently putting together a public
domain/shareware/demoware/etc.ware collection for the NeXT
computer.  John was in charge of maintaining the software library
for the group and found it was killing him.  The users suggested
that we put the over 1 gigabyte worth of software on a CD.  We
would like to include your software, AKCL-1-586, into our
collection.  We will include your entire software/source
code/disclaimer/readme files that were distributed to the various
FTP sites.  We will  include a disclaimer on the CD ROM stating
that: you the author, (1) have NOT been paid for your work, (2)
that you hold all rights to your software, and (3) the end users
of the CD are bound by the terms YOU have set in your
readme/info/copyright files.  We will also include a info file
listing all of the names of the contributing authors and ways
they can be reached (i.e. e-mail, phone numbers, address that
have been provide by your readme/copyright/info files).  We check
the archive sites daily so our version of your software is
probably the most recent version you uploaded, but not
necessarily the latest.

           This CD will contain what seems to be the entire contents of
the most popular NeXT FTP archive sites.  The disc will contain
tons of source code, demonstration, shareware and freeware apps. 
It will also include refrence materiels, literature, clipart;
more stuff than you can shake a stick at.  If all goes well this
should be a wonderful way for lots of people without internet
access to gain access to the great things offered at the FTP
sites [cheap come-on ON] (like your software) and a great way for
your software to be further re-distributed [cheap come-on OFF]

           Please respond and tell us if its OK to use your software on
our compilation; please also respond if you DON'T want us to use
your software.  Hopefully, however, you will want us to further
re-distribute your software, if you do and have a newer version
or a new app you would like to place on our CD please contact us
and we will arrange to do so.

           We plan to charge NeXTJUG user group members about $30.00
for each CD (which they deemed to be fair).  We will also sell
the disk to other NeXT users for about $50.00.  As a contributor
to the project, we would like to show our thanks by offering it
to you for $25.00 + shipping/handling (we would love to give it
out for free, but we had to pay for this project out of our own
pockets and we need to recover our cost-i.e. pressing, hardware,
time etc. and we are going to try to recover our initial
expense).  If you would like to purchase the CD just mention it
in your reply (DON'T SEND ANY MONEY YET!!!).

           We greatly appreciate your time, talent, and effort in
making the NeXT machine a more useful tool with your software.

           Thank you very much (in advance)

           John Kheit
           E-Mail: kheit@hangout.rutgers.edu or
           Arvind Soni
           E-Mail: soni@rwja.umdnj.edu or asoni@gadalf.rutgers.edu

           PLEASE NO NEXT MAIL! (Sorry we would love to be able to get
           it, but right now we can't)

           USMail:               Monochrome Systems
                                 173 Westgate Drive
                                 Edison, NJ  08820

P.S.  The CD ROM will only (ONLY?) hold about 620 megs of data so
we will have to select what will be on it since there is over one
gigabyte of software to choose from.  If we can get total
approval from all of the authors and some more software we will
probably make the collection a 2 CD set.