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>> To: Masami Hagiya
>> From: John Kheit & Arvind Soni of Monochrome Systems.
>> Subject: Requesting your approval to re-distribute your software
>> AKCL-1-586.
>> Dear Masami Hagiya,
>>            We are members of the NeXT Jersey Users Group and are
>> currently putting together a public
>> domain/shareware/demoware/etc.ware collection for the NeXT
>> computer.  John was in charge of maintaining the software library
>> for the group and found it was killing him.  The users suggested
>> that we put the over 1 gigabyte worth of software on a CD.  We
>> would like to include your software, AKCL-1-586, into our

The version 1-586 seems to be obsolete. Newer version (1-605) of AKCL for NeXT
is available from rascal.ics.utexas.edu as pub/NeXT-akcl-1-605.tar.Z.

The latest version of AKCL is 1-615. I am making NeXT-akcl-1-615.tar.Z.
If you are interested in it, please let me know.

Noritake Yonezawa <yonezawa@lsi.tmg.nec.co.jp, yone@vcdew25.lsi.tmg.nec.co.jp>