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Re: support for sVr4, BSD/386, or 386BSD

      Second question.  Has anyone ported CLX to run under sysv?  (which lacks

The usual way here for systems lacking faslink, is to include the file
which requires faslink, in one of the basic system files (eg lsp/seqlib.lsp)
and then remake (adding -lX to the -lm which is in the unixport/makefile).
Then  the socket code will be in your base system.

      I wonder if there are plans to support sVr4, BSD/386 (from BSDI), or even
    386BSD.  I'm currently running a sVr3 binary under sVr4.

Certainly sVr4 support will be there in the future.   Right now the ncr.defs
file is for sysv4 386, however that system does NOT have sfasl ported
yet, and so load of .o files won't work.   This will be remedied some time.
For now I don't have a sysv4 system..

I would have guessed that bsd/386 should work in a pretty straight forward
manner, since it uses gcc and we know that gcc 386 is ok for akcl.   And
it also uses bsd format so the load and save should be ok.