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C interface and AKCL

I went through the FAQs and could not get a straight answer, so I
thought this would be worth a try.  I just got AKCL for the 386 PC.  I
immediatelt put it to the test which is most important to us here;
namely, C interface.

I am sure I am doing something wrong becuase this is such a simple
problem.  If there is anybody who can help me, I would appreciate it.
(please E-mail me as I am not on the mailing list)

I used the Clines function to define a bit of C code which takes two
integers (A and B) and adds them.  I return A + B and all is well.

However, if I create a variable, C, and set it equal to A + B, and
then return C, I get a really screwy number.

Obviously, I do not know much C, but the C expert here told me that
this was the exact problem so here it is for the gurus!  My guess is
that it has something to do with GC in LISP, but I am unsure.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Mark C. Roller