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Porting AKCL to Interactive 486.

I have just attempted to port akcl-615 to a 486 box running
Interactive Unix.  I found two simple bugs namely:-
	1) mp/makefile referred to a file mygcc, which is nowhere to
	   be found.  I just blindly replaced it with gcc.
	2) I added the "-traditional-cpp" switch to gcc, apparently
	   some wondrous new standard makes getc etc functions, not
	   macros, but they are not in any libraries yet.

The system then maked fine and worked for simple stuff, but when I
tried to compile and load something substancial I got
	bad fasd stream in ut-gen.o
I recompiled having set *fasd-data* to nil and then got
	#<@0059c8a87> is not of type symbol
The .o file seemed to be basically ok, with the normal Ascii stuff at
the end.  Whats a #<@...> anyway?
A different program would not compile, giving "index 16842755 too
large", from ctop-write.

My guess is that that there is something subtly wrong with our gcc.
Could anybody who has successfully used AKCL on a mp386 please tell
	1) Which version of AKCL (minvers)?
	2) Which version of gcc did you use?
	3) What operating system do you run? Version?
	4) Are you stressing the AKCL compiler?

I have also had fun porting to sun4, mips riscos, rios, and hp800, and
will relate my experiances shortly.

Anthony Berglas
Rm 503, Computer Science, Uni of Qld
Ph 07 365 2812, Australia.