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Re: Porting AKCL to Interactive 486.

  I had similar experiences.  These are what I did to get it to work.

1) define -traditional -DVOL= for gcc.
2) Search for ``volatile'' in files containing asm code and remove them.
   And, don't forget the file 386.h.

This is my CC definition.

CC = gcc-i386-sysv34 -traditional -O2 -fwritable-strings -m486 -msoft-float \
        -DVOL= -I$(AKCLDIR)/o

I'm running akcl-1-615 under sVr4.0.3 (Dell's 2.1) using gcc-2.2.2.

Hope it helps.

Wei Jen Yeh                      yeh@cs.purdue.edu
                                 Department of Computer Science
                                 Purdue University
                                 West Lafayette, Indiana