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Problems building akcl 1-615...

Hi all,

I'm trying to build the AKCL 1-615 on an HP9000/730 and I'm having a
problem maybe someone can help me with.  I've commented out the
#define HAVE_AOUT
line in hp800.h and that solved a lot of compiler warnings, but the
current problem comes later:
  loading ../cmpnew/cmpcall.lsp
  Initializing ../cmpnew/cmpcatch.o
  loading ../cmpnew/cmpenv.lsp
  Warning: PROCLAIM is being redefined.
  Warning: PROCLAMATION is being redefined.loading ../cmpnew/cmpeval.lsp
  loading ../cmpnew/cmpflet.lsp
  loading ../cmpnew/cmpfun.lsp
  Initializing ../cmpnew/cmpif.o
  loading ../cmpnew/cmplabel.lsp
  loading ../cmpnew/cmplam.lsp
  Initializing ../cmpnew/cmplet.o
  loading ../cmpnew/cmploc.lsp
  Initializing ../cmpnew/cmpmap.o
  Initializing ../cmpnew/cmpmulti.o
  loading ../cmpnew/cmpspecial.lsp
  loading ../cmpnew/cmptag.lsp
  loading ../cmpnew/cmptop.lsp

  Error: The variable BEGIN is unbound.
  Error signalled by WHEN.

  Broken at :ZOMBI.  Type :H for Help.
and eventually the make bombs out.  This occurs on the first pass, and then
again on the second.  What gives?  I've grepped the kcl-mail-archive hoping
I could benefit from someone else's experience, but no dice.

Any help would be much appreciated. - Kelly

| Kelly Hall                             |
| hall @ leopard.cs.uidaho.edu           |
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|  stinking disclaimer..."               |