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AKCL Problems on Sun 4

Problems installing AKCL version 1.98 on Sun 4's...

We are installing AKCL v 1.98 on our Sun 4's, Unix 4.1,
and have encountered the same

     defmacro.o:  Bad secondary magic number

problem as reported by G. Bittencourt at
UICVM.uic.edu!INPELAC%BRFAPESP.BITNET on March 12, 1991.

The response by T. Castellano at starbase.MITRE.ORG!tonyc
on the same date referenced version 5.05 as the version
to install on the Sparc's.

Is this still the correct version?  Is the number shift
from 1.98 to 5.05 correct?

Michael Gray
American University