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hp800 port of AKCL 1.615

Hi all,

I'm wondering if there are any known bugs with AKCL 1.615 on HP 9000/730s?
I'm asking because after building AKCL (thanks to Bill for the HAVE_AOUT fix)
I'm trying to build the HOL proof assistant system.  The HOL build seems to go OK
(except for the lisp compiles taking a l-o-n-g time - like 60 minutes sometimes)
until I get the error message:
>Compiling lisp/constp.l.
/usr/local/bin/akcl: 5169 Illegal instruction - core dumped
*** Error code 132

*** Error code 1

which leads me to suspect that my AKCL doesn't generate very good code.

Now for a different question: is there a suite of programs I can use to check
AKCL for proper operation?  Or do I just get surprised sometimes? ;)

Thanks all...
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