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>  I have a simple question about KCL/AKCL and I hope is not too silly.
> Well I was wondering whether it is possible to generate a stand-alone
> executable program by compiling a lisp code using AKCL. I know you can
> save the binary image but that also includes the *whole* interpreter
> and is several Megabytes in size. What I was thinking of is this:
> has anyone ever hacked the intermediate C file generated, then 
> compiled and *linked* it with the C compiler ? Is there a hint anywhere
> that this is possible ?

KCL isn't organized in a way that lets you make executable programs
using the C linker.  But even if it were, you can't just link the
compiled C files, because they will call routines that are in the
"whole interpreter".  It's sort of like having to link in various
library routines, except that you don't use the C linker to do it
and you get all the "library" routines instead of only the ones you

One thing you might try is to build KCL without all of the
compiled ".lsp" files loaded and go back to using the autoload
facility.  That would make the saved image somewhat smaller.

(Of course, if you're in MS-DOS or something rather than Unix,
I don't know what parts of the normal KCL work.  Maybe loading
C code at run-time doesn't, in which case autoloading won't

-- jeff