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X interface for AKCL

An interface from AKCL to X windows, written at the University of Texas
at Austin, is now available.  There are two levels of interface:
  1. The Xakcl interface, written by Hiep Huu Nguyen, allows the Xlib
     library functions in C to be called from AKCL.
  2. The dwindow interface, written by Gordon S. Novak Jr., is an
     "easy-to-use" interface built on the Xakcl interface.  It includes
     drawing functions, menus, and dynamic mouse interaction.

The packages are contained in the file xakcl-1.tar.Z .  After ftp'ing
this file from rascal.ics.utexas.edu:pub/ or cli.com:pub/akcl/, do:
      uncompress xakcl-1.tar.Z
      tar -xf xakcl-1.tar
Then see the README file for further details.

These packages have been tested on HP 9000/370, Sun-4, and Sparcstation-1.