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Add me to mailing list

Hi.  Could you please add me to your mailing list? thanks.  My e-mail
address is ks0785a@american.edu

Also, I am trying to install xakcl on a sparcstation and I am
encountering difficulties.  Everything seems to be working fine until
I load and call Xinit, whereupon it crashes.  Here is what it says:

>>(load "Xinit.lsp")
>Loading Xinit.lsp
>Finished loading Xinit.lsp
>Error: Caught fatal error [memory may be damaged]
>Fast links are on: do (use-fast-links nil) for deb
>Error signalled by XDEFAULTSCREEN.
>Broken at XDEFAULTSCREEN.  Type :H for Help.

It seems that the function get-c-string used in xdefaultscreen is what
is causing the problem, though I could be wrong.  Has anyone else had
similiar problems, and if so, how did you fix them?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

					      Kirk Sayre.