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kcl/akcl 1.615 build problem


I am building kcl, akcl 1.615 on a DECsystem 5900 running Ultrix 4.3.
I have encountered two problems;

cc -DVOL= -Olimit 798 -G 8 -I/sys1/src/akcl_1.615/akcl/o
-I/usr/include/bsd -c
-O -I../h -O ../c/unixsave.c
cpp: error ../c/unixsave.c:18: Can't find include file savedec31.c
*** Error code 1

File savedec31.c does not exist.  It is defined in dec3100.h.  I
commented the #define UNIXSAVE.

make all1 "MPFILES=./mpi.o ./lo-sgi4d.o ./libmport.a"
(cd o; make all)
(cd lsp; make all)
../xbin/if-exists: 24300 Memory fault - core dumpedcc -DVOL= -Olimit 798
-G 8 -I
/sys1/src/akcl_1.615/akcl/o  -I/usr/include/bsd -O -c -O -I../h
cpp: error 0: No source file arraylib.c
*** Error code 1

Any help would be appreciated.  I found out this morning that a
director promissed that akcl would be available for a 1630 class
today.  Damn.

Richard Jackson,
George Mason University