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Re: kcl/akcl 1.615 build problem

> I am building kcl, akcl 1.615 on a DECsystem 5900 running Ultrix 4.3.
> I have encountered two problems;

 . . .

> Any help would be appreciated.  I found out this morning that a
> director promissed that akcl would be available for a 1630 class
> today.  Damn.
> Richard Jackson,
> George Mason University

Problems with running 615 on DECs are a FAQ.

The trivial fix is to drop back to version 609.  It should work fine for
you.  (It does for me.)

Bill Schelter can give you some hints if you really want to get 615 up
on a DECstation.

In the instructional environment, though, it might make the most sense
to import the DOS version of AKCL.  Then the kids can run it at home
on their 386s.  I've been using the DOS version to support "real" work
for more than 6 months, and it works wonderfully.  The authors of the
port did a great job!

Cheers, B.