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LUV '93 call for papers: changes to student submission only

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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1993 11:56 EST
From: An Event To Remember <76470.3334@compuserve.com>
To: Luv '93 <luv-93@ai.sri.com>
Subject: call for papers:changes to student submission only


Traditionally, LUV papers address the practical applications of Lisp.
This year, in addition to these traditional experience papers the 
committee is also seeking papers that focus on Lisp and education. 
Papers may discuss either Lisp education, or the use of Lisp in 
furthering education in other areas. The relationship between Lisp and
software engineering education, or Lisp and computer science education 
are especially appropriate subjects. Application of Lisp to further 
education in other areas are also good candidates.

The material must clearly demonstrate a practical value from the use 
of the Lisp language or Lisp technology; as such, papers need not be
especially innovative nor original, but preference will be given to 
previously  undisseminated reports or experiences. Topics in the area 
of programming  languages and environments are welcome; but untested 
or purely theoretical  ideas without a clear direction towards the 
theme of the conference  would be less suitable.

Authors should submit 7 copies of their papers to the Conference
Organizers: c/o ALU, P.O. Box 294, Malvern, PA 19355. The length of
the written papers should not exceed 10 pages (numbered, font size 10pt
or larger). Accepted papers will appear in the written proceedings, which
will be distributed at the conference. The authors of certain selected
papers will be invited to make a 20-minute verbal presentation at the 
technical talks sessions during the conference. Time constraints will
likely prevent the verbal presentation of all accepted papers. Other
accepted papers will be presented during a poster paper session.

Abstracts must be received by April 30, 1993 (along with papers if ready).
Final papers must be received by June 7, 1993. Each should include a
return postal address and a telephone number; an electronic mail address
should also be included, if available. Authors will be notified of the
acceptance or rejection of their papers by July 5, 1993. Corrections and
alterations to the papers, if any, may be done up until July 19, 1993, 
which is the final date for receipt of a camera-ready copy.

Authors of accepted paper will be required to sign a release for
publication in the conference proceedings. Authors may retain the
copyright themselves if they wish by installing their own copyright
notice in the paper. Previously copyrighted material may still be
published depending on the permission to publish; in this case, the
previous copyright and notice of permission should appear in the paper.

There will be a seperate track for Student papers. Submission and
acceptance dates, as well as acceptable themes, are the same as for
other authors.  Acepted papers will appear in the written proceedings
(please see above instructions regarding copyright and permission to 
publish requirements).

If you wish to receive a registration brochure please contact the
Conference Organizers via: e-mail at Luv-93-organizer@ai.sri.com ,or
mail at the above address, or by phone at 215-651-2990.
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