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Re: akcl and NeXTStep 3.0

>> I tried to compile it under NeXTSTep 3.0 ... this is what I got:
>>  ... lots stuff left out ...
>> Stop.
>> *** Exit 1
>> Stop.
>> so apparently it doesn't compile under 3.0 ! Did anybody look at this  
>> yet? 

Try the following:

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Subject: Re: AKCL and NeXTstep 3.0
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I have recompiled AKCL (version 615 or so) under NeXT 3.0 and
it works fine.  I had to make two changes:

In akcl/c/NeXTUnixsave.c, the declaration:

  extern struct section *getsectbyname(char *, char *);

causes a fatal compiler error.  The new declaration
(in /NextDeveloper/Headers/bsd/lib.h) is:

  /* getsecbyname(3)	*/
  extern const struct section *getsectbyname(
	 const char *segname, 
	 const char *sectname);

Also, the library /usr/lib/libg.a is not included
in the 3.0 release, so I removed the -lg switch
from the LIBS statement in akcl/unixport/makefile.
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