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A problem with compile

Dear Sirs,

I recently installed AKCL on a SUN-SPARC.  It works, at least for some
simple programs.  However, using compile or compile-file, I got error
messages of the following type.  Would you please tell me whether this
is an indication of an installation error (I don't remember having any
fatal errors during installation) or how I could work around this problem.
Thanking you very much beforehand,

sincerely yours,
M. K. Shen

End of Pass 1.
End of Pass 2.  sh: syntax error at line 1: `end of file' unexpected

Correctable error: (SYSTEM "(cd . ;cc  -DVOL=  -I/mnt/sw/lisp/ktu/akcl/o
-Bstatic -temp=. -pipe  -O ") returned a non-zero value 2.
Signalled by UNLESS.
If continued: Continues anyway.
Broken at CERROR.  Type :H for Help.