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Lisp Conference Announcement

1993 Lisp Users Group Meeting: LUV-93: Lisp & Education

The board members of the Association of Lisp Users (ALU) invite you to
learn about the latest developments in Lisp by attending the Third
International Lisp Users and Vendors Conference to be held August 9-14,
1993 at the Cambridge Marriott, Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The ALU is
the voice of the international Lisp user community. By holding our
annual conference, we promote communication between the users and
vendors of Lisp and Lisp-based applications.

For more information, email the following information form to An Event
to Remember at LUV-93-ORGANIZER@AI.SRI.COM, or phone 215-651-2990.

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I would like to become a member of ALU - send membership form.	______
I would like to submit a paper - send call for papers. 		______
I would like to attend LUV-93 - send registration form. 	______
I would need hotel accomodations.				______
I am interested in student housing.				______

I would like to attend the following 4 tutorials, if offered:
____	01) CLOS: Object-Oriented Programming in Lisp
____	02) Adv. CLOS: Implementations, the AMOP, and more
____	03) CLIM: Developing Portable User Interfaces	
____	04) Good Lisp Programming Style
____	05) Performance Optimization
____	06) Porting Lisp code
____	07) Closures, Continuations, and Coroutines
____	08) Metaprogramming Lisp using Macros
____	09) Interfacing to SQL
____	10) AutoLisp Programming for AutoCAD
____	11) GNU Emacs Lisp Programming
____	12) Lisp programming for Interleaf
____	13) Common Lisp for Scheme Programmers	
____	14) Scheme for Common Lisp Programmers

I would like to hear discussions on the following topics OR from the
following persons: