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RE: Re: A problem about fresh and stale KCL

>> I got a request on how to reduce the amount of garbage collection done
>> by AKCL, or LISP in general.  On the assumption that it may be of

I have two hints for this problem.

1. Read carefully the KCL Report, which is available from Austin.
   It spends many pages for the memory management of KCL.
   Some descriptions in the Report are obsolete but, as far as I know,
   the descriptions on memory management still applies to the latest
   version of AKCL.

2. In the KCL versions I have been maintaining myself, fixnums, 
   short-floats, and characters are represented as immediate data.
   They do not cause garbage collection any more.
   Can someone at Austin (Bill?) merge my code into the latest AKCL?

-- Taiichi