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tracing in kcl


We have recently installed kyoto common lisp in a lab of decstation 4000's.
It appears to work fine except that we have been unable to get the trace
macro to work. The system variables *standard-output*, *terminal-io* and
*trace-output* appear to point to the right synonyms and two-way stream
and (trace) will tell us what functions are trace'd but the tracing does
not seem to actually happen, e.g.
dec5kb[17]% kcl
AKCL (Austin Kyoto Common Lisp)  Version(1.615) Tue Aug 24 15:12:08 CST 1993
Contains Enhancements by W. Schelter

>(setq *print-case* :downcase)

>(defun flat (x)
  (cond ((atom x) (list x))
       (t (mapcan 'flat x))))

>(trace flat)


>(flat '(a ((b) c)))
(a b c)



any suggestions???  we are not expert lisp or unix hacker unfortunately.
Thanks in advance.

nick cercone