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RE: tracing in kcl

>> Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1993 14:07:56 -0600
>> From: nick@cs.uregina.ca (Nick Cercone)
>> We have recently installed kyoto common lisp in a lab of decstation 4000's.
>> It appears to work fine except that we have been unable to get the trace
>> macro to work. The system variables *standard-output*, *terminal-io* and
>> *trace-output* appear to point to the right synonyms and two-way stream
>> and (trace) will tell us what functions are trace'd but the tracing does
>> not seem to actually happen, e.g.

I guess *trace-output* does not work.  The output of (trace) goes to
the standard output.  Try
    >(setq *trace-output* *standard-output*)
    >(setq *trace-output* (make-synonym-stream *terminal-io*))
and see what happens.

-- Taiichi