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installing kcl with akcl-1-615

	I have tried to build the kcl lisp compiler as per the
instructions, but when I do the  "make -f Smakefile"  the make procedure fails
when it tries to compile unixfasl.c. I am running Ultrix 4.3 on a DECsystem
5000/240 and using the cc compiler. I have included a script file of the
install below. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank

Script started on Wed Jul 28 13:52:02 1993
# m setld -i /mnt    /dev/rz4c
setld: /dev/rz4c: Unknown subset
# setld -i /d  /mnt
setld: /mnt: Unknown subset
# ^D
script done on Wed Jul 28 13:52:31 1993

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