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HOL/AKCL problems...


I've installed HOL88 and AKCL on our HP 735 running HPUX 9.01 and I've
had a few problms.

AKCL version 1.615 built with few problems (after I added <a.out.h> to
the #define HAVE_AOUT line in h/hp800.defs).  I left all other options
inside of h/hp800.defs alone.

HOL had more problems.  While building the libraries using the makefile,
there were lots of random failures.  Most of these went away if I started
HOL by hand and entered the commands from the Makefile manually.  The remaining
errors were of the 'segmentation violation' and 'illegal instruction' variety:
I re-ran the offending command until the error ceased to appear.

Now that HOL is built, there is still one problem remaining that's annoying
me to no end: HOL seems unable to load compiled files.  Attempting to load
a *_ml.o file results in a 'ld error' message.  I'm willing to live with
problems building HOL, but trying to use the larger libraries uncompiled
is not my idea of fun.

Additional information: I've applied every HP supplied patch that seems 
appropriate including patches for cc, ld, make, vi, tar, libc, sh, ksh, and csh.  

Any help would be much appreciated...
Kelly Hall ::= hall@leopard.cs.byu.edu