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AKCL on *DEC3100*

Dear AKCL authors and users,

thank you for your replies to my previous question to the kcl list on installing
AKCL on VAX, and excuse me please for me being so stupid that I mixed up the
VAX and DEC machines. Now I have succeeded with installing kcl.mips on my 
station (DEC 5000), but the application I have in mind (running program 
verification mechanization system HOL) seems to require AKCL. 

The instalation of AKCL with having set Machine=DEC3100 goes well up to the 
point when it requires the file ../c/savedec31.c which was not in the version
of AKCL-1-619 I ftp-ed from rascal.utexas.edu (dec3100.h does set a parameter
UNIXSAVE="savedec31.c"). Simply suspending this parameter does cause a memory
fault later during building.

I would appreciate very much any comments anybody could write about 
possibilities of getting around this problem (programming something in C ?),
or may be somebody does have a version of this file?

I've tried to subscribe to kcl mailing list, but still can I ask you to
send replies to my message, if any, also directly to my address 

With real thanks in advance,

Karlis Cerans

University of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Latvia