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Re: upper and lower case

I see that people have already replied that you will have no problem
getting DRB's code to read correctly in MacLisp or LispmLisp.

Anyway, if DRB had a Lispm I'm sure he would like to take advantage
of some of the really nice mathematical symbols available. He could
even design his own; nobody has yet taken full advantage of these
<Space Cadet> keyboards. 

Since the emphasis is probably on special symbols,
we could have #\LAMBDA #\DELTA type things for printing them to
filesystems which don't handle all the bits per character needed
to support them as characters. If one read #\LAMBDA into a ZWEI
buffer for instance, I see no problem with having that appear on the
screen as <the character lambda>. For multiple character symbols,
of which there would be very few, we could have #\(LAMBDA DELTA).
I think this fits in with having #\ do a read. The only thing funny
is that it creates something which has different print methods for
different kinds of streams.