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Re: Proposal #3 for MacLISP characters...

I submit the following as a possible plan for Maclisp characters as it 
describes a useful functionality without extremely little overhead.

For Maclisp, we could even CONS a set of fixnums (values #o0 through #o177
which were unique from the ones normal read would give). (Mis)Features:

* #/A ... etc could return those. INCH could also return from that table.

* The printer could know about them -- or at least GRINDEF.

* CHARACTERP or whatever could obviously be trivially defined and would
  be useful for debugging. In compiled code, it would probably want to just
  be a FIXP test tho'.

* `Character' fixnums would not be EQ to `normal' fixnums (this was never
   previously guaranteed anyway) but the mathy operations would still work 
   on them. 

* CHAR-UPCASE or whatever you call it could return a `character' fixnum
  but if you did normal math (getting back a normal fixnum) you'd have an
  object which still worked ok for maclispy operations, but which OUCH could
  be made to complain about non `character' fixnums -- good for debugging 
  code to be later moved to less tolerant systems. (TYI would of course take
  either kind of fixnum.)

* FIXP would still return T, so CASEQ would not complain about using 
  characters. ... Some other code which wanted characters to not be FIXP
  would possibly lose -- I suspect such code would be in the minority
  and hope that most such code would still usefully accept fixnums. eg,
	        ((FIXP X) (FOO (CHARACTER X)))