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Re: DIGIT-WEIGHT/DIGITP and funny input bases

    Date: 7 October 1980 16:08-EDT
    From: Glenn S. Burke <GSB at MIT-ML>

        Date: 7 October 1980 04:26-EDT
        From: Robert W. Kerns <RWK at MIT-MC>
        A parser would collect digits and pass them off to INPUT-FIXNUM
        when it got them all.  I don't see any reason right off why
        anybody would really want to deal with the individual weights of
        individual characters.  Does anybody have any examples where you
    Ok, the next version of FORMAT will autoload optimal strings so it
    can "parse" the parameters.
How is this an example?  Those digits represent numbers, I claim you don't care
at all about the weights of the individual characters, you care about the
number that the sequence of digits represent!