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Re: Proposed extension to DOLIST, DOTIMES

    Date: 20 March 1981 2257-EST (Friday)
    From: Guy.Steele at CMU-10A
    I propose that
	    (DOLIST (var list retval) . body)
    be just like DOLIST, except that if and when all iterations are
    completed, the form "retval" is evaluated and its value becomes
    the result of the DOLIST (similarly for DOTIMES).

NIL is already using the syntax of three elements of the first subform of
DOLIST, I believe.

Once you start getting into crocks like this, isn't it better to use
something with more syntax to it, such as LOOP?  We have now seen three
entirely different, and entirely reasonable, proposals for what to do
with the third element of the first subform of DOLIST, which makes it
clear that whichever one we picked no one would be able to remember
which it was.