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Re: eval-when

Any consistent interpretation of (eval-when (compile)(eval-when (eval)
stuff..) says that stuff must get evaluated if this form is indeed
encountered at top level at compile time.  Eval-when, as far as I'm
concerned, is meaningful to the compiler only when encountered
at top-level.  Any attempt to make it say "oh, im in the compiler
somehow and shouldnt eval" is the same as the old (status
feature compiler) kludgery that ALAN used to use before I got
converted and did eval-when.  Packages loaded under the control
of an eval-when that themselves contain eval-whens will not
load transparently in source or object or both, etc.  Macros
that output eval-when's have to arrange to output them at
top level, via qwerties or what have you if necessary.

I think the current action is the right one.