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Re: Character objects

OK, so somebody DID actually suggest it, and I just overlooked it in my first
pass over my mail.  I personally don't care too much what the syntax of a
character object is as long as it's not changed every week or so.

I'm suprised that you would suggest that TYI be changed incompatibly, Carl!
After all, you've worked enough with transporting MACSYMA.  Think how many
pieces of code there are in the world to be transported that would have to be
converted!  And never mind that there are those die-hards who'd ALWAYS want to
use fixnums, there are times where a fixnum is exactly what you want, such as
array indexing.  And
      I suspect that 95% of the old
    code written using these primitves would correctly, as long as things like
    CHAR-EQUAL were used.
what a self refuting statement!  I'll bet that 99.99% of the old code written
using those primitives  DOESN'T  use CHAR-EUQAL !!!