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Re: Problem with ((FIRST) ...)

    Date: 18 JAN 1981 0914-EST
    From: RMS at MIT-AI (Richard M. Stallman)
    Re:   Problem with ((FIRST) ...)

    On the Lisp machine, FIRST is already a macro,...
If I understand you correctly, you are saying that you think there should be
something akin to (DEF-FMACRO ...) and some new kind of cell distinct from
value or function? This would, I suppose, allow you to have
an expression like ((F F) (F) F) where the first F is an F-MACRO, the second
is implicitly quoted until the first one figures out what to do with it, the
third is a function or normal MACRO, and the fourth is a variable? And just
think about what 

	(COND (((F F) (F) F) ((F F) (F) F)))
	(LET ((F ((F F) (F) F))) ((F F) (F) F))

will do for readability ... This isn't a criticism necessarily. I probably 
even agree with you -- but it is an extra level of complexity in being able 
to read programs, and I'm just thinking aloud about it.  -kmp