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Re: Using macros in Mapping functions

    Date: 10 NOV 1980 2137-EST
    From: MOON5 at MIT-MC (David A. Moon)

    Let me simply point out that SECOND has been an open-codable function
    for some time, precisely so that people could do what you are asking
    to be able to do.

Oh, I guess that's nice for SECOND (I hope the manual will be
brought up to date), but it doesn't help for user defined macros.
I just gave SECOND as an example that people would recognize.  This
usually happens with my own macros -- then I am tempted to turn
them back into functions, which seems ought to be unnecessary

Besides, it feels to me like this issue of open-codable functions (EAK
made the same point) to me is only one dimension (see KMP's article)
of why one uses macros.