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Re: Applicable Macros?

Re the controversy spurred by your note:
    Date: 10 November 1980 17:04-EST
    From: Charles Rich <Rich at MIT-AI>
    Sender: GLR at MIT-AI
    Subject:  Using macros in Mapping functions
I might mention as RMS did that some "cleaner" version  of DEFSUBST is
what many users (you included) have apparently wanted, but been lacking.
The Berkeley crowd diddled their macro definer to get some
minimal  capability (was it "&SAFE"?), and we've had DEFSIMPLEMAC
for some time in MacLISP (see current LISP;LISP RECENT).  But
GJC, CWH, KMP and I have discussed what would be needed for a true
DEFOPEN, and RWK is coding a module which would be a first step
therein -- a "code walker" which gives a generalized facility for
examining and "walking over" a piece of lisp code.  When DEFOPEN
is available, it would permit one to write EXPR's which would be
"in-lined" or "integrated" when compiled (probably with some heuristic,
yet fail-safe, decisions as to when to "in-line" and when to