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    Date: 30 JAN 1981 1838-EST
    From: JONL at MIT-MC (Jon L White)

    Using VALUES and MULTIPLE-VALUE doesn't require one to use VALUES-LIST
    or MULTIPLE-VALUE-LIST;  but even if one did use them, I don't think
    a MacLISP implementation of them could be made significantly smaller
    and more efficient.  Also, the macro support lives in the MLMAC file,
    which isn't generally loaded in a user's system;  with all that space
    reclaimed in the compiler recently, how could one carp about a couple
    hundred words of new macros?  especially for such a winning idea
    as multiple values. 
What space reclaimed recently?  Are you really serious?  Are you saying
that since you are going to be kind enough not to have GRIND, TRACE,
and every conceivable Maclisp utility loaded in it doesn't matter that
you throw in some new frills?  I have had LSB using XCOMPLR recently
ONLY because the cretin who put together that abortion with the World
loaded didn't have the consideration to install something reasonable
in its place.  I am NOT comparing the current XCOMPLR to that travesty
currently installed as COMPLR, i am comparing it to COMPLR of one week
ago.  We have had address space problems for months, it didn't start
just when someone tried to optimize sharing and pessimize memfree.