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Re: Misc

There is no such thing as a 'multics typeball'.  Multics uses \ extensively
as it's printed representation of non-printing characters.  Maybe EBCIDC
terminals don't have it, but then you have to map characters anyway.  As for
the partial-ascii TTY's; the few remain should be ignored.

As to your objections to providing rationals because it can be too expensive
in long operations, well, that's silly.  We have BIGNUMs, don't we?  Obviously,
that's why we use a different operator; so we use rationals if that's what we
want, or we write what we write now, and DON'T use them if that's what we
want.  Why prohibit a feature on the grounds that some people may find it
too expensive?

As long as I'm sending a message:  I too would like to see '/' replaced.